Posted by: John Elliott | May 26, 2009

40,000 hits – thanks everyone

Hi folks – Riding the Elephant has just passed a total of 40,000 hits since I took it over from on August 1  last year – the current total is in the column on the right.

That’s roughly an average of 130 hits a day – and this month it’s 230 a day.

So many thanks – keep reading!
John Elliott


  1. Congrats!! Love your articles…

  2. Good balanced views with a Global perspective in a Indian centric way. Need a unique experience to do that.

  3. Thanks to you – for your well written articles…

  4. Riding the Elephant is really worth reading. Keep writing please! btw, I have a small blog that mostly deals with India (in French).
    it’s here:

  5. Congratulations.

    Essential reading for those interested in the sub-continent. A must read.

  6. Fantastic acheivement!

    Thank you for the invaluable ongoing insight into India’s current affairs.

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