Posted by: John Elliott | March 10, 2011

Elephant hits it’s second thousand centuries

Hi everyone – Riding the Elephant has just passed a total of two thousand centuries, to put it in World Cup terminology – that’s 200,000 hits since I took it over from in August 2008 . It hit that score on Tuesday night when I was putting up my post on David Cameron’s diplomatic gaffes, and is now over 200,700 – the current total is in the column on the right.

So thanks to all of you who have joined the growing list of readers in the past year – including quite a few from The Independent (UK-based) newspaper  bloggery, where shortened versions of my pieces now appear at the same time as they go up here. Earlier, some posts appeared on’s India page.

 Thanks also to those of you who followed me here from in 2008, and to everyone else who has piled in to read the total since then of nearly 250 (this is the 249th) posts or articles.

It took a year after August ’08 to clock up the first 50,000 hits (or views as they are called in the blog world), but just seven months till February last year to double that figure, and just over another year to double it again.

Average views have gone from about 60 a day in August 2008 to over 200 a year ago and nearly 300 a day in the past three months.

The busiest single day, with 764 hits, was December 8 last year just after I had written a piece headlined Radia tapes highlight media flaws that fit with modern India on the country’s mini-Wikileaks scandal that was uncovering power links between businessmen, politicians, lobbyists and journalists, all merging their ambitions and motives behind the scenes. The Economist magazine ran a piece that included a link to my post and that brought in floods of readers.

The bulk of the hits – about 27,500 in the past year and 62,000 since 2008 – come to the home page . After that, the statistics show how some posts keep pulling in viewers ages after they were written and it’s not always the most serious posts that generate the most attention – a mischievous headline can always help.

Heading the list since 2008 with over 9,000 hits (see table below), is a promotional piece on an anthology of foreign correspondents’ articles that I co-edited and Penguin India  published three years ago  to coincide with the Delhi-based Foreign Correspondents’ Club’s 50th anniversary.

Next, with over 5,000 views, is a piece on Jawaharlal Nehru period photographs. Readers are presumably partly pulled in by the headline – Nehru was lost for years in a trunk, which wasn’t of course quite true – find out why by clicking below.

Top hits since 2008 – (click on the titles to read the pieces)

 Home page   62,168
“Foreign Correspondent” – a best selling anthology   9,178
Nehru was lost for years in a trunk ………   5,204
Tina Ambani pays record $2.5m at Christie’s Indian art auction   3,921
25th year of Maruti Suzuki that transformed India’s motor industry   3,082
About this blog   2,911
Mukesh Ambani builds a monument to his wealth   2,622
Christie’s has good India sale as auctions adjust to tougher times   2,306
The Gods will encourage you to gamble   2,300

 Top hits for the past 365 days include most of those above plus more topical subjects (listed below) that reflect interest in India’s on-going corruption scandals and controversial big companies, as well as the modern Indian art market that I write about occasionally.  

Delhi judders leaderless towards the Commonwealth Games   2,239
India’s scam-ridden IPL cricket is a national celebration     1,646
An IPL tweet exposed phone tapping, Tata’s pr, prime ministerial weakness     1,632
S.H.Raza follows Souza’s auction success with £2.4m record Indian art price     1,614
Ambani & Sons – revived from the Polyester Prince they pulped     1,518
Commonwealth Games fall apart – bridge collapses and village condemned      1,471


So keep coming back……lots more to write about – je



  1. i came into this site by ‘accident’ but i am glad for accidents like this.

  2. Have been following your blog since i moved to Delhi 4 years ago. It’s very well written, informative and critical. congrats on your large readership….and keep it up.

  3. congrats

  4. A milestone WELL DESERVED !!

  5. Congratulations on hitting the milestone! I’ve only recently started reading your blog, but am totally hooked to it, and read every piece. Thank you for your great writing.

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