Posted by: John Elliott | April 28, 2011

India takes a NAM-style route on $11bn fighter contract


India used to be a proud leader of the old Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), standing notionally between the US and Soviet blocs, but always tilting towards Moscow.

It is therefore both apt and heartening to hear today reports that the government is taking a truly NAM-style route on an $11bn contract for fighter jets by rejecting bids from both America’s Lockheed Martin F-16s and Boeing F-18s and Russia’s MiG-35s.
This is a diplomatically brave decision that most observers never expected after India signed its nuclear power deal with the US in 2008. Numerous US officials from President Barack Obama downwards have lobbied hard for the $11bn multi-role combat aircraft (MRCA) contract, indicating that it was expected as a nuclear thank-you. What seemed most likely therefore was that Lockheed or Boeing would be included – even though, as India knows, its supplies are unreliable – until the end of the process. Then the US would not give up until it had driven other bidders out of the contest.
The US offerings however did not match up to required standards during flight testing – nor did the MiGs. The F-18 failed tests in the cold and high Himalayas of Ladakh, and the F-16, flown by Pakistan, is long in the tooth. The Griffin fighter from Saab of Sweden has also been rejected.

The contest is now between Typhoon jets (above) from the four-nation EADS Eurofighter consortium (Germany, Spain, UK and Italy) and Rafale from Dassault of France. India’s MoD is believed to have been impressed with the Typhoon, while the IAF has strong links with Dassault, whose Mirage fighters have been successfully in service in India since the early 1980s and are now being upgraded.
Rejection of the US companies therefore shows a degree of sophisticated detached decision-making from the Ministry of Defence’s minister, A.K.Antony. Together with his senior acquisition officials, he seems determined to clear a logjam of pending defence contracts, and to do so in a way that shows rare integrity in a country that has become internationally infamous for widespread corruption. The “clean” record of Antony, and of at least some of his top officials, is important because there are bound to be allegations of corruption, especially since there was a scandal in the early 1980s over the Mirage deal.
Curiously the US ambassador to India, Timothy Roemer, chose today to announce his resignation – “for personal, professional and family considerations”. That is being widely interpreted as a reaction to the loss of the MRCA contract, as well as the failure of the India-US nuclear deal to generate increased defence co-operation between the two countries, plus nuclear power plant contracts for US companies.
However, I am told that Roemer’s resignation has been expected for some weeks because, as a senior Democratic politician, he is returning to the US to work on Obama’s re-election campaign. He has said there are also family reasons (his sons’ education) for his return, but it was surely silly to announce the departure today.
Billion $ sops

In any case the defence industry expects sops to be announced for the US very soon, notably a $5bn order for ten Boeing C-17 heavy-lift transport aircraft with an additional order for a further six aircraft, both being placed through the negotiated government-to-government foreign military sales (FMS) route without competitive tenders. Lockheed is also expected to receive further negotiated orders for its C-130J Hercules transport aircraft, six of which are already contracted. Russia might be disappointed that its MiGs have been rejected, but it already has substantial orders for current and future jet fighters.
Despite the personal and political angle for his departure, Roemer cannot have helped America’s cause when he was reported recently by WikiLeaks saying the India’s aerospace industry was “two to three decades behind the US and other western countries”, adding that Hindustan Aeronautics (HAL), the government’s aircraft manufacturing company, was “untested and suspect” as a partner for advanced aircraft. All that is true but it must have upset HAL and the defence establishment.
However, to come back to my main point, the decisions do show an unexpected independence from US influence that had not been expected when the nuclear deal was struck. It has not been a good year so far for India with all the current corruption scandals, but this indicates that, in international diplomacy, it is keeping the US firmly in its place.


  1. The reason for rejection of fighters was technical . And not political . For starters Rafale and eurofighter are a generation ahead of the F-16. Their canard airframe is better than F 16S . So is air maneuverability angle of attack alpha and high altitude performance. The F 18 was essentially a naval aircraft. The USAF does not use f 18 . Reason – Its mainly a ground attack aircraft with average air to air performance. It sucks at air to air. Most of US enemies have weak air defence and non existent air force. ALL it has to do is go bomb them. While Indian requirements are against China which possess a big airforce. . Due to the mountainous terrain separating the 2 countries high altitude air combat is essential. Due to possession of AWACS and other elec countermeasure capability by India a slight inferiority in sensors of eurofighter v/s f 18 is irrelevant. Besides electronics can be upgraded. Nothing can be done about airframe and thrust weight ratio.

  2. I’ve enjoyed this and your other posts. You seem to have had the same experience as I have in writing about the aircraft purchase – a flood of comments. I would welcome the opportunity to compare notes with you. I’m a former US diplomat and long-time India hand; you can see what my husband and I have written on


  3. India is just not happy about Americans help China and Pakistan. That is all.

  4. I am in full agreement with K.Kumar. The US is brutally selfish. It has time and again proved that it wants business from India but helping China and Pakistan.

  5. rejecting the us bids was the right decision by india. it was a bad deal.

    f16s and f18s are much costlier than most of their competition.besides the us is retiring these outdated planes. if india’s HAL is 30 years behind the us and europe, india will fall further behind if it buys the f16 ad f18.

    india should drive a hard bargain when buying either the rafale or typhoon.india’s goal should be getting and maintaining an edge over both china and pakistan. the deal should be accompanied by technology transfer and obtaining significant share of developing and producing these aircraft to meet joint india/europe/france defense needs.

    the us cut off supplies to india during the 1971 india-pakistan war, while supplying pakistan. this was in contrast to flying in supplies to israel,which lost 33 percent of its air force in a few days during the ’73 israel-egypt war.they were taken out by russian SAM missiles.Eventually israel’s army gave israel the advantage in that war,and egypt was saved by a ceasefire.

    after sept 11, the us gave pakistan many billions of dollars and gifted f16s. to fight whom ? osama bin laden, who was protected for a decade by the pakistan defense forces and by the f16s supplied by america ? maybe the pakistanis believed the us would not go after bin laden since he was shielded by the pakistan army. the billions of us aid dollars were diverted by pakistan into nukes and for use against india. the us has been sucking up to pakistan for is all politics.

  6. the us air force plans to phase out the f16 and replace it with the f35. the us has also given away f16s to pakistan for free. pakistan knows the aircraft’s capabilities in and out having used it for decades now.

  7. this is a great post and thank you for sharing this nice experience,and hope you can give another posts as soon as possible.

  8. The US has absolute contempt for Indian interests and has gone far out of its way to to display it time and again.

    The US has to be made use of by India in order to withstand China and Pakistan but we should have absolutely no illusions about it and not an atom of warmth.
    The US was behaving in a very typical fashion when it tried to unload outdated junk aircraft on us at grossly inflated prices. They had to be told to go take a hike.

    The US is extremely treacherous and colludes with Pakistan in the most heinous way so India owes them nothing.

  9. @ Denise

    Jealous huh that India is much more powerful militarily (than youre country) than you previously thought.

    Well save it more cause you need it more in the coming decade.

  10. aid…hihihihihihi….if taxpayers money is not spent in planes then aids will required to built new cities and towns because then we will have only poor and a destroyed nation…

  11. I suppose India has to spend all that aid money intended for the relief of poverty on something, but a refuse collection and disposal service would have been a better start!

  12. A.K. Antony is a tool, and it has cost India thousands of crores to keep his dhoti clean. He is one of the most incompetent ministers we have ever had the pleasure of being served by, which is an accomplishment in itself. After all, it is no joke to have one’s name be counted amongst such luminaries as Praful Patel and Mamata Bannerjee. When one sees such distinguished personalities in action, one cannot but help wish for the return to simpler times, when incompetence on such colossal scale was promptly rewarded by an appointment with the local firing squad, or it’s equivalent.

    From delayed acquisition of hardware, to delaying upgrades and other purchases, all in the name of “transparency” A.K. Antony has few equals, in the art of incompetence.

    Nuff said, JFGI

  13. @Mr.John Elliott

    i think only India and only India has the courage to say a no to anybody after America………No one else can say a no to everyone or all the time even if they want to…

    this is one of the most core quality that India and US shares other than ideology and… … … …

    it is nice to celebrate whatever the topic may be .BECAUSE no one knows who is sitting on live b..b:-P

  14. I am in agreement with Mr. Sharat. The courageou defence we ever had was Mr George Fernandese.He realised the difficulties and tried his best to modernise Defence Forces.

  15. An Indian editor has sent me the following questions by email, echoing one or two other comments on this blog post:

    – “would you have been so eloquent in your praise of India and Anthony if the contract had indeed gone to Russia on pure merits?

    – “would you have given such a clean chit to an Indian politician if he chose to favour a Brazilian firm over a European?!”

    I answered: “yes! and yes! – It is the ‘not-US’ decision that I am applauding, presuming the technical evaluations justify it!”.

    I’m putting this comment up because there have been one or two suggestions – like the editor’s above – that I’m celebrating a possible British win at the expense of the US, which I’m not. What I think is noteworthy is that India had the strength to say “No” to the US, as I explained in the piece.

  16. This post is also on The Independent newspaper’s Foreign Desk blog page at Comments there include the following:


    • I quote from Bloomberg “Lockheed, based in the Washington suburb of Bethesda, Maryland, has offered its F-16 fighter, while Chicago-based Boeing aims to sell the F/A-18 Super Hornet. Those planes were first designed in the 1970s and Lockheed’s F-22, the most advanced and expensive fighter in the U.S. arsenal, was not offered for the sale. ”

    If the US was ready to sell advanced jets, it would have won the contract. Expecting to win a $10 billion contract which will create 30,000 jobs while selling 40 year old jets is delusional.

    Bo 21 hours ago in reply to jaycal33

    • “If the US was ready to sell advanced jets, it would have won the contract.”

    RajX 2 days ago

    • To me, the important take away point is that the all powerful russian arms lobby group within the defense establishment seems to have lost this battle. The other players in this process are not even remotely as powerful as the Russian group. Maybe decision are now being made on merit in defense deals for a change.

    Zinger Farmer 2 days ago

    • Is anybody surprised? Pakistan has been flying F-16s for a long time. Really, there is little choice here. The last major hardware purchase from the russians started 20 years ago and they keep negotiating the price till this date. Fundamentally, they take the money and say pay more for delivery. The days of depending on one country for everything are long gone.

    It would have been great to buy from the Americans but nobody knows when the next sanctions will be applied and for what reason. Imagine a low-intensity conflict with Pakistan, everybody would be flying the same aircraft with one side having 20 years of experience over the other side.

    Poverty can be addressed if the country continues to exist. If the country does not exist, then there wont be any poverty to fight. Successive governments have listened to the poverty argument for many years, and as a result, the air-force is at 30 percent of its strength. The raise of China is something that India needs to deal with right here and now. I mean, China has territorial disputes with India. So the next time they come over the mountains, I hope the government has something more to fight them apart from poverty elimination schemes.

    RajX 2 days ago in reply to Zinger Farmer

    • Hahaha

    “So the next time they come over the mountains, I hope the government has something more to fight them apart from poverty elimination schemes”

    Good one.

    southernview 2 days ago

    • Truely amazing, a country that cannot or will not feed or house its people spends billions on arms, nuclear weapons and a space program. We have appeals on T.V. asking for £2 per month to stop children dying from hunger and desease. What is more important?

    RajX 1 day ago in reply to southernview

    • The appeals on TV are done by British and American missionaries to fool you gullible people into supporting their “soul harvest” projects in poor countries. Knave idiots like you support these immoral political groups which hide behind religion and faces of little girls from third world countries. So what do you suggest? That India should not protect itself with the latest defense technologies? Do you prefer that it revert to being a British colony and let the “white sahibs” handle things like defense which is too complicated for the simple minded brown people? Having poor people doesn’t mean that the country should not spend on defense. It’s better to be poor and democratic than be occupied by colonialists.

    Bharath 2 days ago in reply to southernview

    • Dude, are you talking about the ads which show hungry children with Anglican names in the US and Canadian Media. Hahaha, they are missionaries telling you, “with your help, david (Brown or asian kid) or christian will have a decent education and upbringing”, hahaha, ARABS and cheaters! and you SAW that, came here to reply thinking that Indians DONOT have anything. For your information, 67% of the population was below poverty line when India got independence in 1947, today we are bringing down the poverty level to nearly 50%, with a growing population exceeding 1.2 billion, did you do the math. If you are thinking what about the other 50%, trust me, they live a better life that you would ever live!

    Simon_Cambs 2 days ago in reply to southernview

    “We have appeals on T.V. asking for £2 per month to stop children dying from hunger and desease”

    I makes you cringe when you see one of the richest families in the world (Ambani dynasty) spend money on skyscraper-like homes. Yet just a tiny fraction of their immense wealth could help to alleviate poverty from some of the poorest in that country. I have always seen aid to the poor as a virtue. However, we need to make sure they do enough to help their own before extending the lower hand.

    Billion 3 days ago

    • Attempted Nuclear proliferation by the US, should be investigated by the UN

    RajX 1 day ago in reply to Billion

    • Nuclear proliferation is what that Pakistani crook AQ Khan along with his govt did with Iran and north Korea. As a Pakistani, you should know that.

    Guest 3 days ago

    • Excellent.Maybe we can stop sending them aid now, since they can afford toys like this?

    RajX 1 day ago in reply to Guest

    • When did people start calling corruption funds as aid? Time to loose that self righteous hot air. There is no substance behind it. By the way, India has given you folks business which is probably worth a thousand times your silly corruption fund masquerading as aid. So thank India, your former colony, for that. Silly people.

    Bharath 2 days ago in reply to Guest

    • You should! 125 million is just peanuts! If you stop, India must also come out of the commonwealth, after all, what is it gaining from that, and a queen which is its head. Then, Indian can send some pennies to you and make british isles and OUR wealth, what say? LOL, 125 million as aid, we just gave 2 billion as aid to Bangladesh. AID is it? Hahaha

    Pragmatist 2 days ago in reply to Guest

    • The £295 million we send each year! On the subject of facts, F16 is a US aircraft not British. F16’s seem a bit overkill, 10 boys seemed to do the job!

    Guest 2 days ago in reply to Guest

    Randeep Ramesh in Patna
    The Guardian, Wednesday 19 November 2008
    “Britain will spend £825m over the next three years in aid to India, a nuclear-armed power that sent a spacecraft to the moon last month, to lift “hundreds of millions of people” out of poverty, the secretary of state for international development said yesterday.”

    From Asian Image: “£1bn aid to India is defended 2:30pm Monday 14th February 2011
    The Government has defended its decision to give £1 billion in aid to India, despite the rapidly increasing wealth of the emerging economic giant.
    A review of UK aid will maintain aid donations to India of £280 million a year until 2015, while withdrawing assistance from countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Serbia and Moldova, revealed International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell.”

    That aid is what I mean. We can’t afford it, we should be spending that money on supporting our own country, since clearly yours can afford to look after their own. We should not be sending money to Pakistan either.

    RajX 1 day ago in reply to Guest

    • Britain takes more than it gives. In fact, it has taken so much over the two centuries when it colonized India that the balance if very much in britain favors. So be happy that India is not asking for what you people truly owe us.

    paracetamol 2 days ago in reply to Guest

    • im so very angry about all this aid that we are scattering all over the planet,
    and we dont even look after our elderly properly.
    our nhs is falling apart.
    our kids cant afford an education.

    we need to change all of our overseas policies…every single one of them.

    FirstAdvisor 3 days ago

    • ‘The US offerings however did not match up to required standards during flight testing – nor did the MiGs.’

    To the best of my knowledge, this sentence is completely and totally false. According to reports in the Washington Post, the New York Times, and The Hindu, the US bid was rejected because:

    The Indians found it difficult to accept American demands over a long list of do’s and don’t’s in regard to what inspectors and repair crew could do with the planes, viewing the many restrictions as excessive and impractical.

    Failure to obtain the latest electronic control systems with the aircraft was another source of irritation to India, strongly indicating the Americans simply don’t trust the Indian military.

    The US negotiators were extremely blunt and open about their expectation that they would automatically be given the military contract in exchange for the nuclear power plant contract given to India recently, and the smug attitude of the Americans was considered offensive and insulting by the Indian negotiators.

    In all other considerations, the USA aircraft were found to perform to specs, just as the planes of the other bidders did. No one in the world will be surprised or disappointed that an English news media outlet remains utterly ignorant and deluded about the facts of any world news report.

    Billion 3 days ago in reply to FirstAdvisor

    • The US asked to station it military people at the sites where the aircraft would be kept and India would need the permission of these people to fly the planes. India has done well to reject the US, others should do the same.

    Arihant J 3 days ago in reply to FirstAdvisor

    • There are fairly consistent reports in India that F18 failed in Leh (Ladakh, India) in some of its tests, though I think it is a better overall package. As for F16, I guess it had least chances as Pakistan has it and it is a difficult choice considering that IAF wants to operate these planes at least 30 years and F16 airframe is quite old (late 70’s??). And yes, as you rightly point out, IAF does not want those intrusive restrictions.

    But hey, US has deals for C17, C130J, M777 howitzers, P8I maritime recon, all combined worth of about $ 9 billion. Still there are many more deals to come. I think India is trying to balance out offensive and defensive purchases. India doesn’t yet think the relationship has matured enough to buy offensive weaponry from US.

    Danny 3 days ago in reply to FirstAdvisor

    • So you admit the US broke the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty simply for increased conventional arms exports? What a shameful admission. Especially since you you claim the US don’t trust the Indians with the relatively harmless aircraft ‘latest electronic control systems’.

    You attack an ‘English news media outlet’ while mentioning, but failing to quote, two US outlets and The Hindu. Perhaps you could include a reference to an article in The Hindu that vindicates your claim that the US aircraft met specifications. I can certainly find one that indicate why the Roemer had to reisgn after his bluff was called-

    Acquisition of U.S. combat aircraft will indicate direction of ties: Roemer

    Roemer failed to realise that the US is no longer big enough to threaten India economically. Go threaten Grenada.

    Pragmatist 3 days ago

    • “This is a diplomatically brave decision”

    Unlikely, much more likely that the anticipated and promised bribes for purchasing the equipment are greater from the shortlisted suppliers. Indian family dynasties have done very well from corrupt arms purchases in the past and will be looking forward to some more shopping malls in Dubai imminently!

    ‘Caste, corruption and carelessness’. It is to the 3Cs that all answers in India are to be found.

    IanF 3 days ago in reply to Pragmatist

    • So if the Europeans win, it obviously means that they bribed their way in but if the Americans win, then it naturally means that they have the best deal ? Why the double standard? Or do you think that Americans can’t grease palms just as well as the Europeans can ?
    The simple matter of fact is that the two most modern aircraft from the lot (F-18SH, F-16IN, Gripen, Mig-35, EF Typhoon and Rafale) were selected. Now they will pick the one which gives them the best deal. Do you really want to be having a conversation about how the F-18SH or the F-16 compare to the EF Typhoon or the Dassault Rafale ?
    Clearly, the Indians don’t want another defense scandal on their hands and they have been very cautious and deliberate in their process. They have conducted extensive tests and they have published these results to the manufacturers. All in all, I think we can be quite certain that this was probably the most upright defense acquisition that Indians have made in a LONG time.

    Pragmatist 3 days ago in reply to IanF

    • You might try reading posts more carefully. I said the bribe was likely to be ‘greater’ from the shortlisted suppliers not that one did and the other did not! Maybe the Americans undercalled the bribe amount, it would be a bidding process after all.

    “All in all, I think we can be quite certain that this was probably the most upright defense acquisition that Indians have made in a LONG time. ”

    presumably using the 2 G Spectrum purchasing model or the weapons procurement after 26/11!

    “Do you really want to be having a conversation about how the F-18SH or the F-16 compare to the EF Typhoon or the Dassault Rafale” Do you really think technical matters will determine the outcome? You demonstrate a complete ignorance of how things are done in India.

    IanF 3 days ago in reply to Pragmatist

    • You may try backing up your accusations with some proof in the future instead of making libelous comments.

    First prove to us that these companies have “bribed” anybody before you start talking about who “under-called” the bribe. Next, educate yourself about the fact that ALL the companies participating in this competition were required to sign integrity clauses.

    It’s funny how you use a scandal in one department at one instance to define “standard practice”. The 2G spectrum scandal is now having its repercussions with the Minister in charge in jail. Do you think that it was a successful caper that would entice others to carry out similar activities ? Please use some logic.

    As to the technical considerations, you would be better served if you educate yourself as to the scope and depth of the technical study that was carried out by the IAF on ALL 6 contenders. More than 600 parameters were included with testing done in 3 different locations. Why would the Indians go through so much trouble if they weren’t serious about technical specifications ? After all, if the sole consideration was “bribery”, this whole song and dance would be pointless. Further, you would be better served if you educate yourself about the current Defense minister Mr. AK Anthony who has so far been free of any taint of corruption, an exceedingly hard task in a political climate as rancorous as that found in India.
    Indeed it should be clear to all that it is you who has consistently demonstrated a lack of awareness of the basic facts regarding this particular tender process from your comments

    Pragmatist 2 days ago in reply to IanF

    • “ALL the companies participating in this competition were required to sign integrity clauses”

    My initial assumption was you were a naive idiot with no experience on the ground in India, now I see you are stupid. If you believe that an ‘integrity clause’ means anything then you should not be allowed out without a responsible adult.

    “It’s funny how you use a scandal in one department at one instance to define “standard practice”.
    I used a single example for simplicity, I could have used my 8 years experience, on the ground (including Kerala where they have different views as to AKA’s integrity, who I have met many times by the way), working with both State and Central Government at every level. You could also take a look at Transparency International and their rating of ‘integrity’ in India.

    “Do you think that it was a successful caper that would entice others to carry out similar activities” for $39 billion, oh yes!

    “Why would the Indians go through so much trouble if they weren’t serious about technical specifications” Do you really need to be told the answer to this?

    I often wonder how such corruption and criminality goes on at such a level in India. Then along comes you with the answer!

  17. My cousin runs the defence contracting business, for a major domestic contractor, without naming any names. “Determined” is not a word he would use to describe Mr. Antony, whom he regularly meets whilst lobbying for greater indigenisation of defence procurement for his company. Which is a logical thing for India to do, and which is also its supposed policy, which my cousin argues is merely lip service. the reason for which is the word I believe he prefers to use when describing Mr. Antony, “cowardly”. Something he says afflicts most people whom assumed the office (though he did hold Mr Fernandes in higher regard), for reasons I think you have written about a few times before, the hangover from the howitzer deal of the 80’s.

    If deals are being done, I think they have been in the works for so long, that they were eventually going to come to fruition, rather than these deals culminating because of any sense of leadership on the part of Mr. Antony.

  18. Apart from the “clean image” that Antony carries, his ambitions are very Kerala centric. The presence of left in Kerala doesn’t allow Congress the usual swagger when it comes to the neo liberal ethics, their high command sitting at Delhi cater to. In kerala they will not openly profess disinvestment of psu’s nor can they get away with cuts for the education system or healthcare.

    Denying a contract to America could work massive favours in terms of elections. He has a point too when it comes to American air-crafts, after all it looks like they are trying to sell us some outdated stuff.

    And it is also nice to hear, people in the government are also irked by the wiki-leaks revelations.

  19. When we will be able to fabricate one for us by our own Scientist and Engineers. We are still struggling with our LCA

  20. The integrity and strength , demontrated by a ‘two decade old technology’ owning country in decision making; can be displayed in each field then the value of rupee will go up.
    USA needs to concentrate on product instead of politics where past record needs to be improved by them and it will take time if they follow right policies in future. The first sign should be expected in Afganistan theatre instead of reminding ‘nuclear thank you’ to India. USA needs deep thinking and shall give some positive signs in foreign diplomacy over the next few years to win trust of common masses. Its easy to work with dictators than masses. But if they believe in democratic values; they need to invest little more in protecting same by loosing somewhere. After all values are not ‘dollor’ eaning machines but life line of a country. May we hope/ or not?
    Coming years will answer the question….

    with regards

  21. I dont think there was ever a chance for the American planes. The F-16s and the F-18s are outdated and reaching end of their services (to be replaced by the F22 and the JSF in the US).

    America was just trying to be super smart in selling seriously outdated technology to India.

    So the Indian decision, in my opinion, was purely from a technical and strategic standpoint and not political.

    Eurofighter will in all likelyhood win the contract, I hope so, as it is a recent aircraft and quite sophisticated (even compared to the rafale).

  22. Hello

    Was there any option left without declaring us a nuclear state.We had been such peaceful state since last so many thousand years of our civilisation but still the west tried to crush us by policies after the nuclear test.

    We never created any trouble to US or Nato,and neither ever do we plan to do…

    1998 was soon corrected in 2000 by bill cinton but by then India was different altogether.We dnt pose threat to anybody but were attacked by the migs many a times,Now US is saying of gifting mini drones in exchange of terorist………


    thats why
    I think we should not buy any military arsenal from U.S….What the use of buying from them.If today we buy F16,F18 FROM U.S then tomoro our threat countries will start fearing and they will ask US to gift the F16 and F18 to them. and U.S being libiral and friendly in nature will sell them those jets and after getting the payments from them either donate them back or will provide easy loans to them…..WE CAN buy many other equiptments of less lethal features from us like nuclear plants from ge…(hihihihihi…….but actually no one could have saved japan from such an earth quake)..or jumbo civil planes from boeing.

    On the other hand france will never do such a thing….and french are also our old friend.i like french because they kind of like bongs,our lite and music and culture.
    and so do I.

    you know why do we always tilt towards Russia.because it was russia who was there to back us when others attacked us,the nuclear superpower always stood by us in our most critical phases.and even send 4 nuclear ships to help us…..i was born after a few decade of that.

    We dont tilt towards Russia.Russia is sister of India.It is a proven history.they are one to provide us the tech of 5 th gen jets.we are making naval ships air crafts etc etc…

    just 10 years has gone by of indo us relationship.whats the hurry.11 billion is nothing of what INDIA US can achieve,and its also time to see what US does after hearing a no from us.TO BE OUR FRIENDS YOU HAVE KEEP EQUAL TERMS.WE DONT DO BUSSINESS IN FRIENDSHIP.IF YOU EARN OUR FRIENDSHIP EACH ONE OF 1.2 BILLION WILL JUMP TO HELP YOU BUT FIRST test of time is needed to be woN…..

    indo us can and i think will go a long a way as in history even us has supported us mAny a times in kargil of instance..but it will take time…….IT IS GOING TO LOVE FROM RUSSIA AND AMERICAN DREAM IN 10YEARS FROM NOW…

  23. I am feeling nostalginc. I remember my old days in IAF when I worked I squadron having Gnat Air Craft, the classic from Europe got us name and Veer Chakra and even MVC

  24. All interesting stuff and a real boost to the much-derided Europeans, if it is confirmed. Of course the Roemer departure is not in any way connected – we have known of it for months. There is never a good time to announce such departures but maybe he could have waited until the AmCham AGM in Delhi tomorrow!

  25. I do not think NAM has anything to do with the decision if it has been taken which I hope it has. Apart from the unsuitability of the Russian and American aircraft over the long term, the USA has demonstrated unreliability in times of crisis and the Russians change prices after signing contracts. Of course all of them sell their arms and aircrafyt to anyone who will pay the price but the French and the Europeans do not renege in the middle. Rememebr that the uSA stopped delivery of aircraft that were paid for by Pakistan (to our delight) some years back. The Russians made the Admiral Gorshkov aircraft carrier very expensive after having taken the advance payment on an earlier negotiated price. They did the same thing wioth the Sukhoi aircraft. If the USA is to remain the principal policeman in this part of the world they need us as much as we do them. I see no adverse consequences from what is a purely performance and reliability based decision.

  26. As an Indian, I am very proud that we have demonstrated once again that India is the master of her own destiny. In the last few years, more so after the Indo-U.S Nuclear Deal there have been many voices, inside and outside the country, of how India has “succumbed” into the U.S fold, and, how the ‘new strategic relationship’ would impede upon our ‘time-tested’ national interests! Our well-considered stand on many issues, particularly the Iran pipeline deal, were cited as evidence of this new bear hug!

    It is ever so refreshing and re-assuring to note that India’s leadership has once again demonstrated that it is India’s national interets alone that determines national policy and decison-making!

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